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FLASH FRIDAY: The Thick, Bright Traditional Artwork of Job de Quay

FLASH FRIDAY: The Thick, Bright Traditional Artwork of Job de Quay

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A Dutchman working out of Hamburg, Germany, Job de Quay (Yobbo Pdc) rocks some masterful flash.

It's Friday, and you know what that means — FLASH FRIDAY. No, not like drop-your-pants and streak-around-naked Friday, FLASH ART Friday! Today we're featuring Germany-based artist Job de Quay, aka Yobbo Pdc, and his thick, beautiful flash. Yobbo's work is Classic As Fuck, and his watercolor techniques are simply divine. 

Yobbo's influences are clear in his line and color work. His flash is classic, traditional, and clean. But he tosses his own flair into everything, making it so our usual yowling leopard suddenly becomes an acid trip. He's utilizing bright, clashing colors and various textures to make it seem like we're gazing upon an animation still from The Yellow Submarine

Yobbo's mastery of color makes it so his flash, besides being bright and bold, also has a bizarre level of depth to it. His hands look like they're curving towards us, yet away from us at the same time; the horns on his demons seem to break through their paper barrier.

If we had to choose a phrase to try and contain Yobbo's artistic work, it would be the psychedelic macabre. Somehow his flash relies on the usual suspects — fire, daggers, skulls, animals, demons — yet all through a filter that feels laced with LSD. 

Yobbo Pdc's Instagram is chock full of his flash and tattoos, and it's worth a follow. You can swing on over to The Black Hole in Hamburg, Germany, if you wanna get some trippy ink on your body.

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