Flawless Black and Grey by Eric Marcinizyn

Flawless Black and Grey by Eric Marcinizyn

Stay cool in black and grey with Eric Marcinizyn.

Black and grey is one of the most timeless tattoo styles in the industry. Perhaps a big reason for this is because the tattoos actually stand the test of time. Black and grey tattoos generally age better than some of the more fashionable and trendy styles like watercolor, making them beautiful years after they were done.

Eric Marcinizyn has been perfecting his black and grey style for years. His tattoos have brought him great notoriety and accolades across the country. Once you see his black and grey realism tattoos, you'll understand why people from around the country flock to him in order to fulfill their tattooing needs.

Marcinizyn can give life to his tattoos with the perfect amount of shading, which really gives these pieces of body art a life of their own. Plus his black and grey pieces can take on a variety of subjects, from lighthouses to religious images and symbols.

The best of Marcinizyn's tattoos, particularly his religiously themed pieces, look as if they have been carved out of marble. He's virtually Michelangelo with a tattoo machine. 

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