Flawless Black and Grey Realism by Maksims Zotovs

Flawless Black and Grey Realism by Maksims Zotovs

Black and grey realism doesn't get much cleaner than this.

Packed with quality and emotion, the black and grey realism of Maksims Zotovs is incredible!

Black and grey tattoos are always a solid choice but those of Maksims Zotovs really take it to the next level. Zotovs specializes in an amazing realistic style that will almost certainly leave you speechless. Not only are Zotovs tattoos filled with incredible detail and realism but each piece has a strong emotional feel. Something about the beautiful black and grey shades make you stop and really take in the tattoo. 

Right now it's time for a masterclass in black and grey realism! 

As always you can see more of Zotovs incredible work over on Instagram, including some killer color pieces. Also check out his profile in the Tattoodo App and discover much more @Laky  ! 

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