Flawless Blackwork Tattoos By Christian Lanouette

Flawless Blackwork Tattoos By Christian Lanouette

As far as black tattoos go, Christian Lanouette is one of the best.

Christian Lanouette's body art is simply to die for. He specializes in creating timeless traditional iconography in a stripped down strain of blackwork tattoos. The powerful presence of his work rests in its simplicity. He's the type of tattooist that shows keeping to ones roots and never over complicating things is a sure fire way to make killer tattoos.

Lanoutette's approach blackwork is extremely boiled down. His lines are all perfect and pronounced, and he only uses a tiny bit of stippling combined with sparse black-out shading to give definition to his figures. The resulting aesthetic is remarkably clean, hugely outspoken, and, to put it bluntly, completely badass.  

One of the most compelling aspects of Lanoutette's body of work is how he keeps it old school. Many of the images that he renders in his pared-down approach to blackwork are based on classic designs — clippers, handshakes, Pharaoh's Horses, etc. — handed down by traditional tattooists over the last century. If one compares his portfolio to those of pioneers in the industry like Sailor Jerry and Charlie Wagner, the way they inspire his compositions becomes glaringly apparent. 

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To see more of Lanouette's blackwork take on traditional motifs, make your way to his Instagram. We works at Tatouage Electric Ave. in Montreal, Canada if you want a piece by him. He can be contacted at christianlanouettetattoo@gmail.com for booking.

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