Flawless Flower Tattoos by Chloe Aspey

Flawless Flower Tattoos by Chloe Aspey

So many gorgeous roses in so many different styles, all from one incredible artist.

Young UK-based tattooist Chloe Aspey is absolutely smashing it when it comes to solid, vibrant floral tattoos.

Flowers. For. Lyf. As someone who has 16... wait, no, 17... wait, no, 18... wait, no (you see where this is going) flower tattoos, it's safe to say I fucking love floral tattoo art. And one of the artists that keeps making me say "holy hell, that's awesome!" is Manchester-based tattooer Chloe Aspey.

I met Chloe for the first time last month, when she picked up the award for Best Colour Tattoo at the Manchester International Tattoo Show - congratulations Chloe! I left the event and instantly knew I had to share her incredible work with you guys.

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It's not just about the realism and watercolour with this artist - she's creating bad-ass black and grey and neo-trad tattoos too...

For a broader range of Chloe's works, be sure to check out Beautiful Brushstroke & Realistic Tattoos by Chloe Aspey

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