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Flo Nuttall: the Queen of Black and Grey Ganesha Tattoos

Flo Nuttall: the Queen of Black and Grey Ganesha Tattoos

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This tattoo artist has found a niche depicting the Hindu god.

Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka or Ganapati, is an interesting deity from Hindu culture, who serves as the religion's patron of the arts and sciences as well as the deva of wisdom. Similarly to how he has been adopted into some sects of Buddhism, this godly and heavily adorned elephant has found his way into the world of tattoos as well. One of the best tattoo artists that regularly illustrates Ganesha onto her clients is Flo Nuttall. Here are some of her excellent tattoos.

As one can see in the surrounding photos, Nuttall specializes in ornate black and grey tattooing—a style, which given the historical precedent for substantial embellishment and extreme detail in the tradition of illustrating the tusked deity, lends itself perfectly to depictions of Ganesha.

What makes Nuttall's work so outstanding is her meticulous attention to detail. The crowns atop each of these Ganesha heads are immaculately complex, befitting of a god. The amount of contrast that she can achieve working in such a minimal color palette is equally astounding. Her portraits of the divine elephant are second to none.

We hope you liked looking at Nuttall's exquisite portraits of this divine being. If you want to examine some of her work that is not centered on this spiritual figure, check out her Instagram. Also, she works at Swan Song Tattoo and Psycho Tattoo in Rome, so if you're in Italy, consider getting some body art that can help remove your obstacles.

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