Flora & Fauna Dot Work by Pawel Indulski

Flora & Fauna Dot Work by Pawel Indulski

Nine Experimental and Geometric Beauties

Nature will forever be the most majestic art subject imaginable: mountains, rivers, canyons, bears, elephants, and whales, the list goes on and on. It’s crazy to think that creatures and environments like these exist, let alone that someone could accurately take ink to skin, and create a tattoo that’s not only beautiful, but accurately represents the sheer grandeur of these wild wonders. Artist Pawel Indulski is not only creating these masterpieces, he’s using a combination of dotwork and geometry to do it.

Creating mini marvels inside the confines of a single geometric shape, Indulski’s work looks something that could be hanging inside The Whitney. Using the outline of a geometric shape, usually some version of an isosceles, equilateral, or scalene triangle, Indulski employs dot work to create ferocious and highly detailed lions, roses, swans, and whales. Highly unusual and experimental, his work is absolutely intriguing, inviting you to look a little closer to fully appreciate and note each and every single detail. 

You can see more of Indulski’s work on his Instagram.

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