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Floral Beauties by Luiza Oliveira

Floral Beauties by Luiza Oliveira

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Eight Perfectly Illustrated Perennials To Tantalize Your Senses

Floral tattoos are always beautiful. How could you possibly go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of blooms? Longer lasting than fresh flowers, and less fragile than dried, a permanent floral arrangement is the perfect perennial adornment, even more so when you combine them with illustrative elements. Brazilian tattoo artist and illustrator Luiza Oliveira is creating just that, with her beautifully illustrated work.

Opting for fine lines and impeccably subtle color, her illustrative tattoos are dainty and feminine in nature. Resembling something out of a Maurice Sendak or Beatrix Potter novel, perhaps from the garden of Peter Rabbit, or the forest behind Little Bear’s house, Oliveira's flowers look like they’ve been plucked from the pages of your favorite children’s book. Delicate and whimsical, and lacking any sort of bold black outline, her work is simple and evokes a sense of childlike wonder with soft hues of petal pink, cornflower blue, and that certain type of green that’s only found amongst the blades of grass in the imaginary meadows of story books. So whether you’re a fan of flowers, Sendak, or just beautiful works of art, Oliveira’s work is sure to delight.

You can see more of Oliveira’s work on her Instagram.

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