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Floral Blackwork Tattoos By Julia Mikhaylova

Floral Blackwork Tattoos By Julia Mikhaylova

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Julia Mikhaylova illustrates how flowers are most beautiful as blackwork tattoos.

Julia Mikhaylova creates some of the most graceful blackwork flowers in the tattoo landscape. Composed of thin lines and lots of tiny dots, her work has an extremely delicate aesthetic, which compliments the beautiful fragility of flora perfectly. Enjoy this bouquet of her exquisite tattoos.

Whether its a lotus, long-stemmed rose, pair of daffodils, or a bundle of baby's breath, Mikhaylova captures the natural beauty of flora though her use of light line weights and precise stippling. By rendering flowers in such a airy way, she accentuates the natural fairness and complexity that makes them such a pleasure to behold in real life. 

One of the most charming aspects of Mikhaylova's flowers is how she adorns them with various geometric figures and other jewel-like ornamentation. Occasionally, she also accompanies her flora with animals, creating little glimpses into nature through her feminine take on blackwork tattooing. 

To walk a while longer in Mikhaylova's blackwork garden, meander over to her Instagram. She works at Peplum Tattoo Studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia should you want a stippled rose on your body as well.

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