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Floral Femininity: The Resplendent Blackwork of Vlada Shevchenko

Floral Femininity: The Resplendent Blackwork of Vlada Shevchenko

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Vlada's floral blackwork tattoos are all about how delicately and boldly they wrap around a woman's body.

It's no wonder that the ravishing Vlada Shevchenko knows a thing or two about what looks wondrous on a woman because she's been both in front of the camera and behind the tattoo machine. That's right, the Ukrainian artist moonlights as a model when she's not deep in blackwork.

Vlada Shevchenko is a tattoo artist and model based in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. She's also a big fan of blackwork. When she gets her hands on a tattoo machine, it's all she does and she knows how to do it just right. Her designs mostly lean towards nature; landscapes and flora and fauna are her strong points. Vlada is also known to incorporate a tinge of sacred geometry in her works with symmetry and mandalas. She's works on many different designs, but this time I will showcase her floral designs. 

Floral cat silhouette tattoo by Vlada Shevchenko. #VladaShevchenko #blackwork #feminine #women #floral #flower #silhouette #cat

While Vlada doesn't limit her work to anyone, I am particularly drawn to the way she designs floral tattoos on women. Sure, she's a woman but it takes more than being a woman to see through the lens of an artist on what fits and what doesn't on a woman's body. It's like Vlada had memorized every nook and cranny of the female anatomy and came up with stunning pieces that perfectly complement their physique. A good artist can come up with eye-catching body art. But a better artist can design a tattoo that's not only striking but will also bring out the best in the wearer.

Floral elbow ring tattoo by Vlada Shevchenko. #VladaShevchenko #blackwork #feminine #women #floral #flower #elbowring #wreath #ring

From delicate spine line tattoos to bold chest pieces and underboobs, Vlada knows just how to take her tattoos to the next level. With her work, the woman wears the tattoo instead of the other way around.

She turns up the X factor on this sensual thigh tattoo by designing it with lacy accents along the lotus flower main piece.

Lacy lotus flower tattoo by Vlada Shevchenko. #VladaShevchenko #blackwork #feminine #women #floral #flower #lace #lacy #lotus #jewel

Flowers and negative spaces are starting to get more popular. Vlada has one of those, too — and a heart-shaped one. That's a first.

Flower with heart-shaped negative space tattoo by Vlada Shevchenko. #VladaShevchenko #blackwork #feminine #women #floral #flower #negativespace #heart

Spine line tattoos will never go out of style.

See the rest of Vlada's sensual, floral blackwork tattoos on her Instagram.

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When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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