Floral Positivity Vibes with Fine Line Tattooer Luiza Oliveira

Floral Positivity Vibes with Fine Line Tattooer Luiza Oliveira

Let Brazilian tattoo artist Luiza Oliveira plant a garden of wisdom in your skin with these delicate and liberating botanical tattoos.

Embrace your femininity with floral tattoos that will make flowers bloom even in the deepest parts of your soul. Floral elements have always been identified as feminine symbols but aren't necessarily so. However, tattoo artist Luiza Oliveira adopts this concept with open arms and is inspired by it in creating her beautiful botanical designs. 

Luiza Oliveira, a visual and graphic artist by practice, takes pride in the Latin American-inspired vibe of her fine line designs. In tattoos, she mainly works with fine line and blackwork to suit her soft and refined tastes. Luiza currently tattoos at Blackbird Atelier, a studio she owns in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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Aside from a range of beautiful floral designs, Luiza also enjoys illustrating tattoos that depict poetic images of women reveling in their solitude. At first glance, they may seem like lovely, fine-lined illustrations but a closer look reveals a deeper meaning hidden within the wisps of Luiza's carefully crafted details and outlines. She perfectly illustrates dreamy images of independent women, who exist free from any source of judgement. 

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