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Food Tattoos to Stuff Your Face With

Food Tattoos to Stuff Your Face With

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Food tattoos to cure your foodie cravings because sometimes a bag of chips, three snickers, a dozen cookies and a whole pizza is not enough.

With this collection of food tattoos we pay homage to one of our favorite activities: eating. Eating our weight in Fruity Pebbles, ice cream, and chocolate cake is a regular past time and these food tattoos prove that others feel the same deep, fulfilling love for food that we do. In fact, as we write this, we are indulging in a two hour lunch fest that Hobbits would be incredibly proud of. Stuffing our faces with all kinds of goodies, we thought we'd not only eat food, but look at food tattoos...which is two of our favorite things put together.

Recently we read the novel The History of the World in Six Glasses, and although it more had to do with drinks (obviously, hence the name) it should be a no brainer that food and drink are inexorably...for what is a beautiful dinner without a glass of wine, or brunch without Mimosa's? So we threw in a Coke tattoo for good measure with the rest of the delicious food tattoos. Foodies all over the world will celebrate...perhaps we should think about what our coffee table food tattoo book would be like. Hand picked, farm to table tattoos just for you? Maybe....

These food tattoos are a mish mosh hodge podge stew, if you will, of some of our favorites that we've come across...but as always we love when you send us your tattoos!! Head on over to our new Facebook tattoo community where everyone shares their best, or not so best, pieces, conversing about all the many facets of tattoo culture. We have to ask the question...if you were a food which one would you be, and if you were to get a food tattoo...out of all the wonderful cuisines of the world, which would you choose? Personally we're stuck on mac and cheese...but would our favorite food make a good tattoo? We'll let you know. ;-) 

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