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For Nerds by Nerds: Guardians of the Galaxy Tattoos

For Nerds by Nerds: Guardians of the Galaxy Tattoos

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If the new trailer didn't leave you starstruck, here's a bunch of tattoo portraits of Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and the whole crew.

Nerds all over the world tuned into Super Bowl LI for one reason — the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer — and the action-packed footage has got us more amped up than if we had spent hours guzzling down alien grog in the Boot of Jemiah betting on the intergalactic equivalent of a turtle race. And why shouldn't we be? The first film was hands down the best thing that Marvel has produced so far [Editor's Note: Winter Soldier is better]

After Chris Pratt stole our hearts with his raffish charm, it's no surprise that there are as many tattoos of the reluctant hero Peter Quill in his badass helmet as there are stars in the sky. While his name may not be quite as famous as he would hope throughout the universe, Star Lord is well represented in the tattoo community. 

While all of the quality tattoos of Guardians of the Galaxy characters are enough to make any hardcore fan spill his or her soda, the ones of Baby Groot (the real reason why we're all so psyched for the new movie) are so cute they'll make you want to dance while no one's looking, too. 

A heartwarming depiction of Baby Groot by Curtis Aldrich (IG—curtisaldrich). #BabyGroot #CurtisAldrich #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #nerdytattoos #portraiture #realism

If you, too, think that Guardians of the Galaxy is the best movie that Marvel's made yet and have high hopes for the sequel, too, then think about getting a portrait of Star Lord in his badass mask or a tattoo of Rocket Raccoon unloading a machine gun. Until next time, when Vol. 2 finally comes out in May, remember, we are Groot. 

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