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For Nerds by Nerds: Tattoos of Majora's Mask

For Nerds by Nerds: Tattoos of Majora's Mask

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Nintendo super fans all over the world pay homage to The Legend of Zelda with these gamer tattoos.

The ongoing The Legend of Zelda saga is one of Nintendo's greatest contributions to the worlds of both gaming and tattoos. Every single installment of the series — from its frenetic 8-bit days to the most recent and highly polished chapter of Link's story for the Wii U — has been an absolute delight to play, but depending on which geek you ask, some of the games have been better than others. 

It’s no wonder that so many tattoos of Majora’s Mask have appeared since the game’s initial release on N-64 all the way back in 2000. It’s one of the most popular icons from the entire Zelda franchise, rivaled by only the Triforce, Link’s shield, or the iconic grimacing moon. The main reason that the mask is so in vogue is that it's such a complicated object. It’s beautiful, but it is also evil — an agent of widespread calamity, the worst of which is an apocalypse. This tension is likely what inspires most fans of the game to get a tattoo of the cursed mask.  

Though the mask is already a mystifying item, the artists who recreate it on their clients tend to stylistically expound on the figure just as they would when customizing a lady head or pinup. Some of the depictions of it have qualities more reminiscent of traditional tattoos, while others have a new school vibe, drawing out the cartoony qualities of the game. Russell Van Schaick even translated the impish Skull Kid into watercolor.

If saving Hyrule from certain destruction in Majora's Mask captured your imagination as much as it did these nerdy body art enthusiasts, make like a trickster and swipe a tattoo of the mask for yourself. Better yet, seek out one of these geeky tattooists to design it for you.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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