For Nerds by Nerds: Wolverine Tattoos in Honor of Logan's Release

For Nerds by Nerds: Wolverine Tattoos in Honor of Logan's Release

In this edition of For Nerds by Nerds we sniffed out body art of everybody’s favorite hard-drinking and fast-healing member of the X-Men.

Logan is comes out on March 3, and we’re all so worked up that we clawed our way through the internet to find the most badass portraits of Wolverine drifting around. We tracked down some killer depictions of the self-proclaimed “ol’ canucklehead” from both the comics, cartoons, and movies by some of our favorite nerdy artists. These pieces featuring the squatty yet unstoppable brawler will make you wish adamantium was grafted to your skeleton.

Of the thousands of characters that Marvel’s produced over the years, Wolverine consistently makes it into the top ten of every ranked list, only getting beat out by other popular figures like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. The reason that he’s sliced and diced his way into so many fan’s hearts is largely because he was one of the first anti-heroes to hit comic book frames. Born out of the widespread disillusionment following the Vietnam War, his roguish personality struck a chord with the disillusioned youth of America. Since then, he’s been a cultural icon known for giving the establishment a big fuck you, with a single gleaming blade in place of his middle finger.

While Hugh Jackman’s depiction of Wolverine has been hit or miss, the footage that we’ve seen from Logan looks kickass. This time it appears as if the writers and director may have actually gotten the character right, instead of portraying him in ways that make us all want to say, “WTF, Bub?” The relationship between Logan and Laura Kinney, who plays the pint-sized X-23, seems like it will be heart-wrenching, and we can’t wait to see how the plot unfolds. If the hype is driving you insane, too, calm your mind with these tattoos of Wolverine and some of his best one-liners.

A jaw-dropping color portrait of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine via Carlos Rojas (IG—crojasart). #CarlosRojas #Logan #Wolverine #XMen

Come get your kicks on Route Snikty-Snikt!

In credible color portrait of Wolverine in his classic outfit by Audie Fulfer (IG—audie_tattoos). #AudieFulfer #Logan #Wolverine #XMen

Spider-Man's a sissy.

An epic back-piece of Wolverine destroying a Sentinel Darko Groenhagen (IG—darkoneness). #Darko Groenhagen #Logan #Wolverine #XMen

I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

A cute yet hardcore Lego Wolverine by Max Pniewski (IG—maxpniewski). #Lego #Logan #MaxPniewski #Wolverine #XMen

You just walked into the wrong house, Bub.

A black and grey portrait of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine by Michael Taguet (IG—michaeltaguet). #Logan #MichaelTaguet #Wolverine #XMen

Where's that blasted salami? I can smell it.

A comic book style portrait of Wolverine smoking a cigar by Dave Brace (IG—brasso_tattoo). #DaveBrace #Logan #Wolverine #XMen

We got ourselves an X-Men fan.

Hopefully that helped with some of your pent-up aggression. If it didn’t, make like Logan would and hit up a bar for a few shots and maybe get in a fistfight. That’ll probably take the rest of the piss out of you, and if not, watch the latest trailer above. Also, here’s another post about X-Men-theme body art. Should you have your own tattoo of Wolverine share it with us on the Tattoodo app by using the hashtag #Wolverine.

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