For The Kids: Flash Tattoo Fundraiser at Grit N Glory

For The Kids: Flash Tattoo Fundraiser at Grit N Glory

In anticipation for Sunday's tattoo flash event, Just For Kids, hosted by Grit N Glory, we give you all the details so you don't miss out!

Flash Tattoo Fundraiser!

Grit N Glory - 186 Orchard St, New York NY

Sunday - June 2nd, 2019 - 12pm to 8pm


World traveler, animal lover, absolute babe sweetheart, and tattooer maven, Megan Massacre, owner of Grit N Glory, is hosting an incredible event you cannot miss. Co-hosted with Mr. Redd of Details Matter, a sportswear company, the fundraiser is hoping to raise much needed funds for many Puerto Rican schools devastated by 2017's Hurricane Maria.

This Sunday, Grit N Glory will be opening its doors for a very special event. In a recent post on Instagram, Megan said, "As you may remember in September 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, shutting down around 200 schools. This upcoming Sunday, June 2nd we are offering $100 walk-in tattoos, 100% of the money going towards rebuilding these schools. 12pm-8pm, first come first serve...Hope to see you all there!"

Although the storm happened in 2017, lack of aid and reserves has kept the country from fixing much of the damage. It's a chain reaction: buildings, roads, boats, and schools are often beyond repair leaving thousands displaced and without resources to heal the trauma left behind the terrible hurricane. Children haven't been able to return to school, and the disruption in their education could leave future generations of Puerto Rico in an incredibly serious and difficult position. This particular event, as well as the GoFundMe, are working to bring much needed assistance to the youth and teachers that are suffering right now. 

Megan Massacre is often involved in awesome fundraising events for good causes, including animal sanctuaries, and this particular event is no different. In this way, people can create and collect art while helping to encourage the growth of others. Like the title says, this is For The Kids, and we hope you can be there to share in this beautiful community event. 

If you are unable to make it to the New York flash event, or do not live nearby, no worries! You can easily donate via the GoFundMe! Every little bit counts to support the transformation of rubble to a foundation of learning and hope for the future.

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