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For the Love of Nature: Forest Spirit Tattoos

For the Love of Nature: Forest Spirit Tattoos

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These Forest Spirit Tattoos are illustrations from the awesome film Princess's all about a true love for nature.

If you haven't seen Princess Mononoke yet, you should probs get on that. And if you're not aware of the fabulous animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, then you definitely need to get out from the rock you're living under!! Totally special and powerful, Studio Ghibli films often have strong characters who are fighting for the health and happiness of their people and the planet. Princess Mononoke is no different...and to make them even more incredible, they also borrow a lot of elements from Japanese folklore and legends...magic is no stranger to these movies! We often see Forest Spirit tattoos, a favorite character, so we brought these pieces together to inspire you!

These Forest Spirit tattoos capture the likeness of a character that embodies the spirit of the forest, just like the name says. Also called Shishigami (シシガミ) and Night-Walker (デイダラボッチ, Deidarabotchi), the Forest Spirit helps keep the forest alive and well; he is its protector and all of the animals are in awe of its's ability to grow plants and flowers from simply touching its feet to the ground. This particular character is an embodiment not only of the forest, but of the cycle of life and death, as well as the Japanese respect for the natural world. Via Srudio Ghibli Wiki, "In Japanese mythology, he is called Yatsukamizuomitsuno, who is worshipped in Nagahama, Shiga. His origin is from buddhism script The Kasuga Deer Mandala, where he is seen as a deer with a tree on his head."

Forest Spirit tattoos are probably so popular because the character is so beautiful, magical, and powerful. His love and protection of nature really resonates with people...and like most people who love anime and manga, Studio Ghibli is a favorite producer of incredible books, films, and merchandise! We hope that just as their work inspires you, these tattoos inspire you too.

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