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For the Real Deal Artists: Paint Palette Tattoos

For the Real Deal Artists: Paint Palette Tattoos

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Show your inner artist with these gorgeous paint palette tattoos!

With today's collection of awesome pieces to inspire you, we brought together some ink that would make your inner artist flip with glee! These paint palette tattoos show off one of the most important tools for artists...if you're a visual artist who works with paint, acrylic, oil, or even watercolor, it's pretty hard to get by without a palette to mix your colors on! Add in some brushes, some pigments, and a canvas...and you're ready to go! Clearly the tattoo collectors whose palette pieces show up in this collection are ultra proud of their creativity, and want to show it to the world.

Awhile ago we found an article showcasing the work of Matthias Schaller, a photographer who, since 2007, had been collecting photographs of famous painters palettes. From Marc Chagall to Kandinsky, and even Monet, Degas and Francis Bason, Matthias Schaller saw that the palettes almost perfectly mirrored their finished paintings. Via "Schaller was first inspired to begin his photographic collection during a visit to Cy Twombly’s late studio. During the visit he stumbled upon the artist’s palette, which he discovered to be an accurate reflection of the artist’s paintings. Encouraged to further discover the similarities between palette and painting, Schaller has gone on to photograph over two hundred of these historic portraits." It makes us you think these paint palette tattoos reflect the style of the wearer or the tattooists?

As always tattoos are a way for us to illustrate on our skin what is most important to us inside...our loves, desires, devotions...all of that super inspiring and influential stuff that guides our lives through all those winding paths of exploration. Paint palette tattoos are a perfect way of saying to the world, "I am an artist!!" And what a better way to guide your fate than to declare it the world?! Want a paint palette tattoo too? Check out our app and book yours today!

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