For Your Viewing Pleasure: TV Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

For Your Viewing Pleasure: TV Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

These TV tattoos will have you on your couch, eating snacks, and Netflix chillin' for days.

Thank god it's Friday. We won't lie....our job is the bees knees but almost everybody on the planet gets the Friday heebie-jeebies...cuz the weekend is slow close! We just wanna Netflix and chill! Which is why for this particular Tattoo of the Day we've decided to gather up some awesome TV tattoos. We're getting ready to do nothing but watch TV, eat potato chips, and drink beer this weekend, just like our hero Homer Simpson. If Homer got a tattoo what would it be? Honestly, we think it would probably be of his favorite TV character: Krusty the Clown.

So, speaking of TV tattoos and the lovely television productions that inspire them, did you know that there is a thing called BingeClock, and that if you go there they'll tell you exactly how long it will take to binge watch any show ever? How cool is that? We've been wanting to re-watch our favorite NYC based show Broad City and we found out that it would only take 20 hours and 30 minutes. That's only all of Saturday! Which means we have all of Sunday to continue sitting on the couch or to do all those lovely weekend chores that procrastination was invented for. Hello, obvs we'll be watching more Netflix. Pfft. Duh. Laundry can kiss our butt. 

Broad City really is a great show though. Maybe to add to this collection of TV tattoos we should go ahead and get matching Ilana and Abbi tattoos. That'd be cool, right? We've seen tons of gorgeous soul affirming tattoos inspired by Rick and Morty, but where the bff TV tattoos at?! If you've got 'em, you better be sendin' 'em. We bring you the creme de la creme everyday, but we hope that if you feel like we're missing something that you'd let us know. This tight knit community of tattoo collectors and awesome artists wouldn't be anything without everyone involved! So, calling all TV tattoos, we wanna see 'em!

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