Forearm Goodness with Taras Shtanko

Forearm Goodness with Taras Shtanko

Easily one of the most visible places to get tattooed, Taras Shtanko can provide you with excellent forearm work.

One of the most visible places you can have a tattoo is the forearm. It also happens to be one of the least painful places to get tattooed. This is exactly why it's one of the most common places to get some ink, but you want to make sure you're in good hands when you finally decide to get your forearms tattooed.

You couldn't put yourself in better hands than those of Taras Shtanko. Shtanko is a master of geometric patterns and ornamental forearm pieces. When you get your forearm tattooed, you don't want to leave the fate of your arms to chance since it's super visible, and taking a visit to see Shtanko is the least risky thing a person in the market for a forearm tattoo could do.

Have a look over some of his marvelous forearm pieces. You'll be looking up his e-mail address for an appointment in no time.

Shtanko can be found at the Vaders Dye Tattoos Shop in Hamburg, Germany. They are home to some of the most brilliant tattoo artists, especially those that are familiar with dot work and stippling. They focus largely on ornamental and decorative pieces as a shop, and they're considered one of the best shops in the world for a reason.

I'd have to imagine that Shtanko is ecstatic about joining the ranks of those elite artists. His talent is undeniable, and his work at Vaders Dye should catapult him into the consciousness of the larger tattoo community.

Follow Shtanko on Instagram for updates on his latest works. And travel to Hamburg if you want to get a tattoo by the man himself.

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