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Forever True: Traditional Tattoos By Richie Clarke

Forever True: Traditional Tattoos By Richie Clarke

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Liverpool-based Richie Clarke is one of the UK masters of traditional tattooing.

Snakes, roses, hearts, skulls, ships - I LOVE traditional tattoos and their repetitive and symbolic images.

American eagle tattoo by Richie Clarke #RichieClarke #ForeverTrue #trad #traditional #eagle #americaneagle

The other aspect I love about this style of tattoo is its execution - bold black lines, limited natural colors, big shapes and clean shading... artist Richie Clarke nails the techniques needed to create a kick-ass traditional tattoo.

Traditional snake tattoo by Richie Clarke #RichieClarke #ForeverTrue #trad #traditional #snake #traditionalsnake

Richie is owner of Forever True tattoo in Liverpool, and his tattoos are just that... when we reach the end of forever, no doubt the solid and striking nature of the traditional form will have stood the test of time.

Explore more of Richie's work on his Instagram.

Written byRebecca

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