ForeverAtLast Fuses Music with the Tattoo Industry

ForeverAtLast Fuses Music with the Tattoo Industry

Brittany Paris, frontwoman of the pop-punk group, chats with us about music, inspiration, and her career as a tattoo artist.

Being a pop-punk band in 2017 is no easy task. The genre is long past its heyday of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, but recently, pop-punk has seen a resurgence in popularity. New bands are popping up every day, and they are producing some stellar music. Capturing the frivolity of adolescence and young love, pop-punk is a necessary step for a lot of music lovers who are looking to find bands who can relate to their changing emotions.

Indianapolis four-piece, ForeverAtLast, is tapping into that market with great success. Fronted by vocalist Brittany Paris, who also happens to be a rather skilled tattoo artist, the band leans on their Christian influences to produce a heavier and more thoughtful brand of pop-punk than just about any other band out there today.

ForeverAtLast is a pop-punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana and their singer, Brittany Paris works as a tattoo artist. #ForeverAtLast #BrittanyParis

While they don’t exploit their Christian influences in their music, faith certainly plays a large part in their music. “A lot of bands pull the ‘Christian’ card for money, or popularity purposes,” Paris says. “We don't even put out there that we are a Christian band. It's something that can have such a negative connotation. But we love Jesus and he has shown us a love we wanna pass on to others. We want our shows to be a safe place for all people to come and be a part of something bigger than all of us.”

Though there are many Christian bands in the harcore community, it’s rare to see a band like this crossover into the pop-punk genre. “We've always been accepted as one of the bunch. What you believe or sing long as you're impacting people in a positive manner, and encouraging someone to be the best they can be? Keep going. We all play a part in pushing each other to be great.”

The band seemed to turn to their faith when crafting their latest album, Ghosts Again, which deals with the feeling of loss, how to deal with it, and how to move on. While creating the album, the band had dealt with tragedy, and it was clearly a huge part of their creative process. “We lost family, friends, jobs, our family,” Paris explains. “It was a huge time of loss. But in that time we learned a lot about ourselves, those we lost and where to go from there. We learned that in death you appreciate the time you have with those now passed, the time to come of healing, and what you learn about yourself. Your growth as a person can be immense if you allow yourself to push through the hurt.”

Christianity is far from the only influence on ForeverAtLast’s music, though. They got their pop-punk and darker roots from another titan in the genre, My Chemical Romance. Paris, a longtime fan of the band even tattooed an MCR-inspired tattoo on herself to show her passion for the band. She found solace in their breakout album, 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge, which she credits as her inspiration for getting into the music industry. “That record came out and I remember when it dropped, how it exploded,” Paris says. Every kid at school had it! It was all over the radio, videos playing everywhere and it was insane. I remember it sitting a bar, declaring a challenge to music. It still impacts me, and there is still nothing like it out there. It's my goal to write a record that calls a challenge to musicians to push themselves to write the best thing they can create.”

Brittany Paris' My Chemical Romance-inspired tattoo. #ForeverAtLast #BrittanyParis #MyChemicalRomance

Through chance and dumb luck, and her side job of being a tattoo artist, Paris got to ink up members of the band The 1975, and they returned the favor. “It was a total freak thing. But essentially a friend of a friend sort of deal popped up, and next thing you know I'm off to Nashville to tattoo the mates. It was an incredible experience. They whole crew, the band, all of them are such amazing people. They were so good to me and I had such a fun time tattooing the band. Along with all that, Matty Healy himself tattooed The 1975 box on my leg. It was a blast. His first tattoo ever!”

No matter where her career path leads, she makes it very well-known that her main passion is music.“I'd give up being a cosmetologist, a tattooer, all of it, for my band,” Paris says. “I've been blessed to be able to play music and take time off from the shops I've worked at. My bosses have always been good to me. If for some reason I wasn't allowed to take time off, I would kiss that place goodbye and find a new place to work, ha!”

ForeverAtLast’s next step after a hectic touring schedule and the release of their last album is to get right back to work on writing another one. “Our goal is to write THE record this year. We're excited to share with you guys what's next. Keep sticking with us, we're getting ready to walk through the Great Nothing; let's do this.”

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Check out ForeverAtLast's website for the latest updates on their touring schedule, when they'll release new music, and check out their merch store on Victory Records' website.

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