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Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Stabbed

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Stabbed

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Del Rio no-showed an event and now he's sharing the injuries that led to that cancellation.

Reports have recently surfaced that former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio was stabbed outside an airport restaurant.

Del Rio's cuts on his head and arm. #AlbertoDelRio #AlbertoElPatron #WWE #Cuts

Del Rio was initially lambasted by Mexican wrestling promotion AAA for missing a scheduled appearance. The promotion released a statement that said Del Rio had let his fans and the company down. They said he was, “...failing the Mexican public that has supported him throughout his career to become one of the leading figures in wrestling in Mexico and internationally.”

Del Rio intends on making all of his remaining dates. #AlbertoDelRio #AlbertoElPatron #WWE

Del Rio has recently been in the news due to his suspension for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy, as well as his tumultuous relationship with WWE Superstar, Paige. 

Del Rio and Paige in Disney World. #AlbertoDelRio #AlbertoElPatron #WWE #Paige #WWESuperstars

Del Rio is a multi-time champion in WWE and other promotions. He is currently wrestling under the name "Alberto El Patron" for numerous organizations on the independent circuit.

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