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Fox Tattoos: Homage to the Trickster of the Wild

Fox Tattoos: Homage to the Trickster of the Wild

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These fox tattoos celebrate one of our favorite animals in one of our favorite art forms. Yay.

Forest creatures, woodland friends, these cute lil critters are near and dear to our all animal life is! Foxes, and therefore fox tattoos, are definitely some of our favorites though. They're ultra adorable, super furry, and have you seen that Planet Earth episode where the fox is listening to little mice burrowing through the snow, and then does this extremely delightful hop to catch it? Foxes, and fox tattoos, are things we look at to get inspired, most sane people, animal things, especially cute animal videos, are the best things to look at when you need a lil pep in your step.

So, although many people like to suppose that all tattoos have a deep meaning, fox tattoos may be some of those tattoos that don't really need meaning to look really freakin awesome. Plus, fox tattoos sort of hint at all the fascinating things that make us love foxes to begin with! Like, did you know that foxes harness the power of the earth's magnetic field to find its prey? Via, "According to New Scientist, the fox can see the earth's magnetic field as a "ring of shadow" on its eyes that darkens as it heads towards magnetic north. When the shadow and the sound the prey is making line up, it's time to pounce."

Totally crazy, and totally rad right? Sort of like how Fennec Foxes are no larger than your average kitten. Or like how Arctic Foxes don't shiver until it hits -98 degrees Fahrenheit. Some foxes sleep in trees, they often show up in folklore around the globe, and they even inspire millions of people to go out ad get fox tattoos. So if all this info doesn't spark your imagination must be dead. But thankfully, you probably aren't because you're reading this and enjoying all these great fox tattoos! Woopie!

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