Frankie Caraccioli's Vicious Traditionals

Frankie Caraccioli's Vicious Traditionals

Wait until you see what Frankie Caraccioli has done to set his traditional tattoos out from the crowd.

I remember being a kid and being scared of older guys with tattoos. That's what television had taught me to believe, and their tattoos meant they had to go through incredible pain (I was afraid of needles), and I just didn't understand the culture of tattoos. Then I grew up and learned that tattooed people are nothing to fear and their tattoos don't mean they are scary.

But if I came across an individual with one of these traditional tattoos by Frankie Caraccioli, I might just revert back to that scared little wimp I was in my childhood. These tattoos are absolutely vicious looking, and one glance at them will let you know that the person with the ink is a certifiable badass. These tattoos are intimidating and will let just about everyone in the world know what the fuck is up.

Have a look for yourself and try not to shit your pants in the process. They're downright savage.

Caraccioli works out of the Port City Tattoo Shop in Costa Mesa, California, and has gained a dedicated following through his tattoos, his artwork, and even his clothing merchandise. His designs transcend the tattooing world and have crossed over into the realm of fashion and art. 

The man known as "Death Cloak" on social media — a name almost as intimidating as his tattoos — has been plugging away at the profession for quite some time now, and he's finally reaping the rewards of that hard work and creativity. 

Follow Caraccioli on Instagram to introduce some viciousness into your social media feed. One look at these tattoos will have you feeling like you can conquer the world.

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