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Freaky Yurei Tattoos by Vincent Penning

Freaky Yurei Tattoos by Vincent Penning

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Vincent Penning tattoos creepy Japanese ghosts better than anyone else!

These Yurei tattoos will haunt your tattoo dreams. 

Classic Japanese Yurei by Vincent Penning #yurei #japanese #ghost #japaneseghost #VincentPenning

For every badass dragon and colorful Koi there is a creepier more alternative Japanese image you could get as a tattoo. One of them is the Yurei, the Japanese counterpart to the western idea of ghosts. Yurei are spirits and souls that wander the earth. Freaky images, Yurei are often portrayed as a skeletal figure with long black hair and ragged robes, and tattoo artist Vincent Penning is helping them become a must-have design. 

Currently tattooing from Royal Tattoo, Denmark, Penning crushes it with a bold Japanese style that has all the color and character of traditional Japanese tattooing. Though it is his Yurei tattoos that really showcase his talents, with the creepy and somewhat uncommon design Penning creates awesome tattoos that are surprisingly likeable. Take a look for yourself and see how Penning turns this freaky tattoo into a must have Japanese design! 

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Images from Instagram.

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Written byRobert Davies

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