Freckle Tattoos are Pop-pop-popping Up!

Freckle Tattoos are Pop-pop-popping Up!

Semi-permanent freckle tattoos are making their mark on the cosmetic tattoo industry.

As a little girl, I very vividly recall my undying envy of those lucky few with freckles. You know, the ones that didn’t really appreciate what they had—a smattering of glorious imperfections scattered across their face. Ungrateful bitches. As a mixed Mexican/German kid, I unfortunately didn’t pull the freckle card, and apparently, I’m not alone in my absurd yearning. A new trend has begun popping up (see what I did there) in the cosmetic tattoo community that’s become increasingly popular: semi-permanent freckles.

Using a micro-tipped needle, the process involves depositing a small amount of pigment underneath the skin in a non-circular, random pattern, resulting in a more natural looking freckle. Pigment, as opposed to standard tattoo ink, is a different consistency and tends to last about six months to a year.

The trend has even spread to the temporary tattoo community. Start-up companies like Freck Yourself, have since developed stencils and a sort of “self tanner” formula that, when combined, create a natural looking pattern that lasts around forty-eight hours. So whether you’re looking for a long term commitment or more of a trial period, you can officially fulfill all your weird Pippi Longstocking dreams.

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