Freddy Leo's Tremendous Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Freddy Leo's Tremendous Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Freddy Leo honors the centuries-old traditions of Irezumi with his outstanding work.

Irezumi, or traditional Japanese, is one of those styles that is simply timeless, and will never cease to exist. The folklore surrounding the subjects of the tattoos are ageless, and people today are still fascinated by the culture, imagery, and legend. On top of that, the art is bold and continues to enthrall tattoo enthusiasts. 

Freddy Leo has taken it upon himself to master the art of Japanese tattooing, with spectacular results. His tattoos honor the traditions held by the Japanese tattooers who preceded him, and the designs pay homage to the classic iconography. 

For those people who are looking to find a Traditional Japanese tattoo artist, Freddy Leo is your guy. He respects the style, culture, and legends with a reverence that is rare to find these days.

Freddy Leo calls Buenos Aries home, and works out of a private studio, so it's not as easy to get in contact with him as it is most tattoo artists. This leads to an enhanced mystique around Leo, making him more in demand than ever.

Perhaps the seminal reason why he is sought after is his excellent work. Whether it's a large-scale piece, a sleeve, or just a little tattoo, Freddy Leo can do it all. So, if you're in the market for a solid Japanese piece, and just so happen to find yourself in Buenos Aries, hit up Leo's Instagram DMs. 

Follow Freddy Leo on Instagram in order to give yourself some Japanese inspiration in your life.

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