Freeform Watercolor by Paulo Victor Skaz

Freeform Watercolor by Paulo Victor Skaz

These watercolor tattoos are things of beauty.

Watercolor tattoos are so very, very popular right now. They are popping up just about everywhere and tattoo artists who specialize in the style are in high demand. And Paulo Victor Skaz is one of those in-demand artists.

His style blends freeform with watercolor to create something fresh and incredible. Working out of Brazil at the Corvo Studio has allowed him to explore his creativity, and it's paying off. These tattoos will strike you.

These pieces are large and you can tell that a ton of thought goes into them. The craftsmanship and artistry in them is off the charts. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't impressed by Skaz's skills.

Head on down to Recife, Brazil if you intend to get tattooed by Paulo. Otheriwse, you'll just have to admire his work from afar on Instagram.

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