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Freehand Fever: An Interview with London's Joao Bosco

Freehand Fever: An Interview with London's Joao Bosco

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Up close and personal with one of UK's most unmistakable tattoo artists, Joao Bosco.

Nestled in an unassuming alleyway off a residential block in Finsbury Park, you’ll find the esteemed Parliament Tattoo. A private door yields open to a beautiful, open floor, warehouse-like space where the decor is neat, and the talent is heavy. Parliament is a family-run business that offers custom tattooing by appointment only. There are quite a few artists that call this studio their home, but today we’ve come to see Joao Bosco.

Joao Bosco, Parliament Tattoo, London, UK. #JoaoBosco #ParliamentTattoo #tattooartist #London

Known for his unique style, Joao’s work is unmistakable, yet hard to describe. With a distinctive use of heavy black juxtaposed against light grey and negative space, his tattoos give a fluid, free-flowing spin on traditional motifs sans all the clunkiness. Joao's artwork can’t be filed into one single category, and to try and do so would be unfair. Instead, we’ll let him explain...

You are a Brazilian-born artist living in London, How did that come about?

Did you serve a formal apprenticeship with Filip or elsewhere?

Details of a snake and Chrysanthemum sleeve made by Joao Bosco. #JoaoBosco #ParliamentTattoo #London #tattooartist #snake #chrysanthemum

How did you find the style that you have, and how would you describe it?

Freeform Dragon & mist made by Joao Bosco. #JoaoBosco #ParliamentTattoo #London #tattooartist #dragon

Do you remember the first time that you were even interested in tattoos? Was there a point when you saw somebody when you were younger with one?

Down to business on an in-progress sleeve made by Joao Bosco. Photo by Jessica Paige. #JoaoBosco #ParliamentTattoo #London #tattooartist

Which artists (besides Filip) tattoo or otherwise, most inspire your artwork?

Parliament Tattoo, Finsbury Park, London, UK. #ParliamentTattoo #tattooshop #appointmentonly #londontattooshop

Joao has since moved to Los Angeles, California. He works out of Unbreakable Tattoo, and can be found on Instagram.

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Written byJessica Paige

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