Fresh Neo Japanese Tattoos by Jaroslaw Baka

Fresh Neo Japanese Tattoos by Jaroslaw Baka

Japanese tattoo styles and images in the new school world!

Neo Japanese tattoos have been around in the tattoo world for years now. Shying away from the solid and straightforward old school look, the neo or new Japanese style is packed with vibrant colors.

Jaroslaw Baka is a tattoo artist working at Rock Tattoo located in Opole, Poland, and at The Country Gent, in Huddersfield, UK. He is a very versatile and dynamic artist that brings a new look to the Japanese style.

A blue dragon with some blossoms in the background, awesome work by Jaroslaw Baka. #jaroslawbaka #neojapanese #neooriental #coloredtattoo #ryu #dragon #sakura

Jaroslaw Baka's playful and imaginative rendition of Japanese tattoos are very loose and off the hook. This being said, he still manages to pull off every tattoo he does. Though the Japanese style of tattooing is usually associated with massive, full body tattoos, Jaroslaw Baka manages to make a medium and small tattoo look powerful and independent while still embodying that new school feel.

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Rad looking tiger tattoo wearing a Japanese style coat sitting on a lotus flower, awesome work by Jaroslaw Baka. #jaroslawbaka #neojapanese #neooriental #coloredtattoo #tiger #tora #lotus #daruma

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