Friday The 13th at Hustler's Parlor in Williamsburg

Friday The 13th at Hustler's Parlor in Williamsburg

We spent the day rocking out at Hustler's, enjoying the vibe and partaking in the tattoo holiday spirit.

Friday the 13th is a literal holiday in the tattoo world. Shops excitedly prep, clients take the day off work, all in honor of the taboo, the misfits, the underdogs. The range of flash available in New York City alone is incredibly exciting — you can go big or go small, spend your lunch money or your half of the rent. Some shops stick to the witchy, weird vibe of Friday the 13th, and some just go bonkers, giving whacky, huge pieces of art that could easily be in the shop’s flash pages.

Tattooist Galen Bryce working on a customer during the Friday the 13th magic. (via IG—tattooer_galenbryce) #GalenBryce #FridayThe13 #FridayTheThirteenth

We went to Hustler’s Parlor, in Williamsburg, to scope out the scene and get some work done. Tattoo artist Galen Bryce designed the sheet, and the whole crew was working heartily on designs of all kinds. Bryce’s sheet was a combo of the macabre and the mundane — the classic knife-through-the skin lives alongside a twerking Tina Belcher, a stack of drippy pancakes is tucked underneath a stoned, bong-toting black cat.

Friday the 13th Flash: a tiny cup of coffee on a tiny book, by Galen Bryce. (via IG—tattooer_galenbryce) #GalenBryce #FridayThe13 #FridayTheThirteenth

We didn’t go with the weird this round (but rest assured, dear readers, the individual who got tattooed has plenty of weird Friday the 13th designs by Bryce). We instead went tender. Bryce has a classic cartoon style, reminiscent of shows like Beavis and Butthead, and Adventure Time. You can see his EC Comics influence, and some Daniel Clowes in there as well. For our piece, we got a steaming coffee cup perched atop an unmarked book. Perhaps this Friday the 13th is a little more about self-care and sweetness than chainsaws and luck.

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