Friends Not Food: Cool Vegan Tattoos by Avalon Westcott

Friends Not Food: Cool Vegan Tattoos by Avalon Westcott

Animals take center stage in the vegan tattoos of Avalon Westcott!

Traditional designs with a vegan message is what Westcott does best!

The Grand Illusion, Melbourne, is home to a special artist who nails it with her vegan tattoos. Avalon Westcott is known for her bold and beautiful traditional style and how she uses it to create awesome vegan themed tattoos. Hens, cows, lambs and sheep all take center stage in the work of Westcott and the results are brilliant. Not only do they create a kickass tattoo but they help spread an important message. 

Animal equality and tattoos work together perfectly when tattooed by Westcott, so if you love all things vegan and ink then be sure to follow Westcott over on Instagram. Right now however, check out these great vegan tattoos!

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