Friendship Tattoos To Inspire Ultimate Squad Goals

Friendship Tattoos To Inspire Ultimate Squad Goals

You and your bestie should get matching friendship tattoos to show everyone how dedicated you are to each other.

Friendship is magic, as the My Little Pony reboot has taught us. After the usual basics of food, shelter, and sleep, humans core needs are security, safety, community, and love. We’re pack animals at heart, in need of affirmation, validation, and all-around connection. So, friendship is more than magic, it’s a true, real human need. Some folks are comfortable just expressing that friendship love with streams of emojis after some cocktails with their bestie; others yet need to make sure the hospital knows the first person to call is neither mother nor spouse, but best friend. And then some folks go even deeper into hardore friendship tattoos.

The friendship tattoo can be more than just a matching symbol. Some besties get really creative, with cartoon characters who represent the friendship, or inverted imagery that doesn’t make sense without the other one present. Whether it’s pop culture, bizarre iconography, or phrases that need to be completed body-to-body, friendship tattoos are as widespread as they are unique, so we get to see the whole range of human friendship love and creativity.

Friendship portrait tattoo #FriendshipTattoos #Friendship
Friendship Tattoos #FriendshipTattoos #Friendship
Friendship tattoo, CatDog! #FriendshipTattoos #Friendship
Friendship puzzle tattoo, bloody love. #FriendshipTattoos #Friendship
Matching elephant tattoos #FriendshipTattoos #Friendship

There are also just so many pop culture best friend pairs to get inscribed on your body. Finn and Jake from Adventure Time is a popular pair, while some deeper cuts like CatDog are also favored. Naturally, The Simpsons come up frequently, as well as Beavis and Butthead. When pop culture can’t capture the love, besties have turned to classic imagery such as pinky swears, traditional handshakes, and floral hearts.

Your squad deserves to be recognized for what it is — totally forever, hardcore as can be, and persisting through the ages. The sort of friendship love that even years of sunlight without sunblock and tons of tanning booths will still never erase, the kind of friendship tattoo that even the least careful tattooed individual will still be able to maintain.

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