Fri-Yay Means Cool Tattoos Just For You!

Fri-Yay Means Cool Tattoos Just For You!

It's Friday, so of course we are celebrating the weekend with a collection of cool tattoos. Unique and imaginative, you'll love them!

Everybody's working for the weekend, Everybody wants a little romance

Everybody's goin' off the deep end, Everybody needs a second chance, oh!

Sound familiar? We hope so. We're putting on some awesome tunes today in the office and celebrating Fri-Yay with a collection of cool tattoos we know you'll love! Whether you love to love them, or love to hate them, these particular pieces are all super unique and sort of strange. We're always on the look out for different stuff...whether it be artists who reinvent an old aesthetic favorite or whether they replicate incredible ancient traditions like tribal, it just doesn't matter. Simply put, a cool tattoo is just an image that the one who has it always, absolutely adores.

It's like this: we're brought up in a society that is always talking about good or bad, high or low, down or up, sad or happy...and while being able to reflect and wanting to do or be better is always good, it's not always okay to compare things. Sometimes it's perfect just to be in the moment and savor something exactly for what it is: an experience in life that will never be replicated exactly. That's what we love about these cool tattoos...they remind us that a million ideas are out there, wonderful experiences and connections to be had, creations to be worked on, collaborations to be enjoyed. Not everyone will like a crazy surrealist Realism piece, not everyone will like ignorant-style illustrative...but what matters is that the people doing it are all about it. The passion, the devotion, and the embrace of art in all it's wonderful ways is there, and that is so important!

Here at Tattoodo we try to do and be the same thing. We support artists because we appreciate, respect and couldn't enjoy life as much without what they do! And we support all of the awesome events, organizations, works of art, communities, and beyond, that the tattooing industry encompasses. We always say it...all the marvelous people out there with their cool tattoos (or love for cool tattoos!) who are part of the Tattoodo community are so important to us. It's so great to share something you really care about with others, and every time we all get together at conventions, shows, gallery openings and more, time and time again we're just reminded of how appreciative we are for this art form.

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So this weekend we hope you spend your days with friends, eating good food, drinking that good drink, enjoying yourself, and maybe getting matching tattoos? Whatever you end doing, we wish you the best of best in weekends. We're totally with you in spirit.

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