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From Maine to LA, Amelia Rose Leaves Her Mark on the Bulleit Billboard

From Maine to LA, Amelia Rose Leaves Her Mark on the Bulleit Billboard

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Young tattooer Amelia Rose finds inspiration in the best coast melting pot that is LA.

Created in partnership with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. Click to explore the board

The entirety of the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey tattoo billboard. Photo by Elizabeth Dixon

Rose started her apprenticeship with Jason Schroder (owner of Incognito Tattoo and another contributor to the billboard) just under two years ago, so she’s still trying to find the style that best suits her. “I feel like that's something that I'll settle into way later on. Right now I just try to do what my client wants,” Rose says. “A teacher of mine once said that no matter what you're creating, as long as your hand drew it, it will have your style in it, so I like to tell myself that when I feel down about not being as experienced or developed as an artist yet.”

The genius in what Bulleit did by creating this tattoo billboard is seen in the multitude of different styles and voices involved. When viewed in sections, two individual pieces may look as disparate as imaginable, but when seen as a whole it is an accurate representation of what makes the Los Angeles tattoo community so special. “I think not knowing what the other parts were going to look like made it turn out even better because no one was influenced by the other panels,” Rose says. “I had no clue what the final piece was going to look like, and it ended up all working together really great!”

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