From Top to Bottom: 10 Bodyparts to Get an Elephant Tattoo on

From Top to Bottom: 10 Bodyparts to Get an Elephant Tattoo on

This Noble Giant makes for an elegant tattoo, no matter what the style.

Because of its enormous size, the elephant has long been seen as a symbol of strength. Despite being the world's largest land animal and weighing over 5,000 kg, elephants are known as being one of the most peaceful and friendly animals. This combination of power and strength with peace and kindness is a very sought-after quality. 

As the elephant is such a relatable and respected animal, it is no wonder that it is such a popular image to get tattooed. In addition, it's beautiful shape makes for an even more beautiful tattoo, which can be depicted in so many different ways and styles. Whether a tiny tattoo behind the ear or a massive back piece, the elephant always looks stunning on the body. We've found some of the best blackwork elephant tattoos out there for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Behind the ear

2. Upper back

3. Shoulder 

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4. Side

5. Chest

6. Upper arm

7. Finger

8. Hip

9. Thigh

10. Foot 

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