Fuel Your Munchies With These Food Tattoos: Tattoo of the Day

Fuel Your Munchies With These Food Tattoos: Tattoo of the Day

This selection of food tattoos will leave you hungry for more ink!

So, last year Starbucks came out with the Unicorn Frappuccino...a pink and blue sticky concoction that tasted like liquid cotton candy. Then there were the Pokemon Burgers of Australia, the Galaxy Food trend where nothing really had to taste good but was gorgeous sparkly eye candy, and then there was that fad that used charcoal to turn literally every food black. But if you don't remember any of these weird food trends, you definitely remember when every single food (popcorn, lollipops, mayo, ice cream...) was infused with the wild taste of Sriracha. We humans do weird things with food. Like get them tattooed on our body: food tattoos! Or foo-toos. You decide.

These food tattoos are physical embodiments of our devotion to that which helps keep us alive. Let's be real, there are about a billion people out there who would probably rate their love of pizza higher than their love for their own parents so it makes sense that food tattoos would be an ongoing trend! Again, humans do weird things with food and with their bodies...food tattoos are where the weirdness meets. Just take a gander at Rose Hardy's incredible kiwi sheep...obviously a poke at all those New Zealand jokes about sheep, but if you didn't know about any of those jokes (and we didn't until we googled it...) then it just looks like a freakish hybrid that you may or may not ever want to eat.

In other food news, you've probably heard about the woman who freaked out in Burger King because her Cinnabon was stale...which we though was actually totally understandable. First off, being Hangry is a real thing...those Snickers ads prove it...and second, sometimes life is hard and your happiness is literally hanging upon eating your favorite comfort food...and when it isn't available it's just like the last straw of life giving you lemons. Or maybe lemons are your comfort food and then...well, lucky you. There was also the guy at Taco Bell who threw a burrito at his boss for calling him a crybaby. We feel that this is also understandable...we often feel like throwing burritos at rude people. Maybe we should get burrito tattoos to add to this incredible food tattoos collection? In any case, if you have a food tattoo send it over. We absolutely adore them!

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