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Full of Love at Loveless: Interview with Veronique Imbo

Full of Love at Loveless: Interview with Veronique Imbo

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In this interview with Veronique Imbo, she talks about getting started in realism tattoos and her inspirations.

Veronique Imbo is known for her incredible realism real, in fact, that they may just trick you into thinking they're a photograph. From famous horror monsters, to gorgeous portraits of babes, to musical superstars, and more, Veronique Imbo knows just how to bring your dreams to life. 

What is your arts background and how did it lead you to tattooing? Why was the tattoo art form the medium you wanted to focus on?

My arts background was painting and drawing from life models. I started taking classes and workshops 10 years ago. When I was 22 years old I travel in Italy/UK/France and United States to learn from the painters who inspired me. I got my first tattoo at 13 years old and I was super amazed by this art the techniques and how esoteric it is. I was too young to start an apprenticeship so, I decide to focus on drawing and painting .

You’re known for your insanely accurate and incredible portraiture and hyper realism. How did you get to the point where you felt comfortable replicating realism on others?

I start tattooing by learning traditional design 11 years ago. I was surrounded by people who did not believe in realism but I kept working on my portrait studies with painting and drawing. 5 years ago I took a seminar with Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Torres and they made me feel confident about my art and how I can transpose my knowledge in to tattooing. They also gave me the chance to work with them as a guest artist, which helped me a lot.

Can you tell us more about Loveless and the tattoo community surrounding the shop, as well as in Quebec?

I opened my own studio, Loveless, a year ago. With many great artists who traveled with me at conventions and guest spots around the world.
The studio is separated into two sections: one for painting and the other side for tattooing. There is also one of my favorite painters who work with us in the atelier section, Jean Labourdette, who helped me a lot in painting and art study.

Who are your artist heroes, tattooers or not? What or who do you think has the most effect on the way you work now?

A lot of artists influenced and inspired my work...Others help me and make me grow as an artist. Casey Baugh , Steven Assael , Carl Dobsky and Michael Hussar influenced and inspired my paintings and art study.
A few artists help me to understand rules of tattooing like Tin-Tin, Michael de Poissy and Nikko Hurtado who help me a lot in my career.

The tattoo industry has been, for decades, a mainly male oriented space. How has, or hasn’t, being female effected your experience as a Tattooer? 

When I started tattooing female tattooers were in the minority. It was very difficult to be a woman in this "man" industry. Now there are way more female tattooers. It's more easy to get into it, but there's still a difference.

 Your work has been widely successful and highly regarded for its stunning quality. How would you define success and what advice do you have for others who want to get to the point you are at in their careers?

The advice I can give to new tattooers is to work hard. Tattooing is not a job but a lifestyle; it's an extension of you. You need to draw and paint everyday if you want to progress. Work with different people, get inspired by artists around you to be able to create something different with your soul and energy.

What plans do you have for the future...any guest spots, collabs or new projects we can look forward to?

I just got back from a US/Europe trip (Golden State and Mondial du Tatouage)....and few guest spot's Love Letters in LA, Black Anchor also in LA, Tin-Tin Tatouage in Paris and The Lace Makers Sweatshop in London. I'll stay home for few months because I want to work on a solo art show. I have a lot of paintings I want to do. Next convention will be Toronto in June. 

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