Fully Saturated: A Look At Some Killer Arm Sleeves

Fully Saturated: A Look At Some Killer Arm Sleeves

We flex some amazing arm sleeve tattoos right in your face via the magic of digital imagery.

We recently took a look at some pretty cool leg sleeves. After it was published, I told my editors that I thought sleeves were awesome, but was a little sad you could only get them on your legs. “Servo,” they said, “You can get full sleeve tattoos on your arms too. Please go to Starbucks and get us a round of venti smoked butterscotch lattes.”

While I was standing in line, I thought about what they had said as I stared blankly at my own arm, admiring its design. I didn’t notice that I was next in line, I was just vacantly flexing my elbow and marveling at its wonder and thinking about tattoos when the shrieks of the exasperated barista finally registered in my brain.

I knew then and there that I just had to take a look at some arm sleeves. I returned to the palatial offices of Tattoodo and set to work. What follows is the result of an intensive, all-night eighteen hour browsing session on Instagram, and what I personally feel is the capstone to my unpaid internship for community college credit.

The old joke goes that the king keeps his armies in his sleevies, but all of these royally kickass arms are sleeved in tattoo ink. I only sincerely hope that these people only own sleeveless shirts so that they may grace the world with the beauty of their arms 24/7.

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