Fun and Quirky Blackwork Tattoos by Liz Kim

Fun and Quirky Blackwork Tattoos by Liz Kim

Breathe some West Coast air with these fresh and funky blackwork tattoos by Liz Kim.

Tattooing out of Vancouver, Canada, Liz Kim's tattoos really bring something fresh and funky to blackwork tattoos. Her tattoos have a sketch-like feel and really jump off the skin with their defined lines. Her images are super quirky and unique, and really have a character of their own. 

Bart Simpson Pineapple Skull by Liz Kim #pineapple #bartsimpson #skull #blackwork #linework #lizkim

I caught up with Liz to ask her a few questions about her style, inspiration, and how she got started. She admitted that at the beginning, she had fun doing a lot of "drunk tattoos at house parties for skater boys, and didn't really take it seriously as a career choice until about May 2015." 

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She says that at some point, "a few friends started asking me for nicer designs, and coming over for them on a regular basis, and I got a lot of practice that way."

The best thing that Liz likes about tattooing is helping people express themselves through art. She says, "I feel like I get to help them express themselves, and that feels really nice when they end up with exactly what they had in mind." 

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Give Liz a follow on Instagram , or just head over to the *cough* best coast *cough* to meet her in person! 

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