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Fun Feminist Tattoos that Would Make Frida K. Proud

Fun Feminist Tattoos that Would Make Frida K. Proud

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Girls just wanna have fun - and sometimes, fun takes the form of a badass feminist tattoo!

Regardless of whether you call yourself a feminist or not, you will definitely appreciate these tattoos that celebrate the amazing strength and beauty of women. 

Feminist tattoos can take many different forms. It's a broad category, I realize that. But in general, I would argue that feminist tattoos are any tattoo that represent women-powered ideas, and perhaps touch on barriers faced by individual women today. For some, this may be a tattoo dealing with body positivity. It could be more political, such as the image of the raised fist, indicating resistance and solidarity. While for others, this tattoo might take the form of some ovaries chilling on the beach. 

No matter what form feminist tattoos take, and no matter what gender they are sported by, they all seek to display the strength and beauty of women, hopefully encouraging women to act freely, speak freely, and most importantly, have autonomy over their bodies and their lives. 

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Riots not Diets tattoo via @mirimineta on instagram #bodypositive #blackwork #linework #feminist #feminism

Lisa Petersen
Written byLisa Petersen

Freelance writer and musician living in Copenhagen

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