Fun Food and Floral Tattoos by Meredith Little Sky

Fun Food and Floral Tattoos by Meredith Little Sky

This talented tattooer from Colorado adds humor to ordinary tattoos.

If you can learn anything from Meredith Little Sky's work, it's that food tattoos don't need to be literal. Take your food tattoo with a side of pun for just that little extra bit of fun. Introducing her own kawaii twist, Meredith adds faces, sparkles, and uses pastel colors to add humor and personality to her tattoos.

The pun theme runs into some of Meredith's floral tattoos as well - the cactus piece being one of my personal favorites.

You may think you've seen enough botanical tattoos, but the uncommon flower and plant choices, along with the addition of mandalas or stained glass effect, really make these designs something special. 

The plants and flowers featured in the tattoos below are of a variety of styles and themes. Flowers can be a way to represent the loved ones in your life instead of portraits. It's a more natural and beautiful way to express your love in a not so obvious, yet artistic manner. Meredith Little Sky's tattoos could just be that little dose of inspiration you need for your next tattoo. 

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