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Funky and Beautiful Bold Traditional Tattoos by Fergus Simms

Funky and Beautiful Bold Traditional Tattoos by Fergus Simms

Solid, bold, and funky tattoos have a visual impact unlike any other. Fergus Simms' tattoos are vibrant bangers that pop off the skin.

Bold traditional tattoos have been around for decades and prove to be some of the best and most timeless tattoos to collect. The combination of bold black lines and hard black shading with vibrant solid colors is a classic recipe for powerful tattoos.

Beautiful back piece tattoo done by Fergus Simms. #FergusSimms #MelbourneTattooCompany #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #backpiece

Fergus Simms is an incredible solid tattoo artist from Melbourne, Australia. He works and tattoos at the Melbourne Tattoo Company.

Fergus Simms specializes in solid bold traditional style tattooing. The funky look of his tattoos gives it that old school touch that classic tattoo collectors are looking for. The bold and vibrant goofy tattoos lean towards the old school Americana style of tattooing.

Fierce looking tiger head tattoo done by Fergus Simms. #FergusSimms #MelbourneTattooCompany #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #tiger

Though neo traditional tattoos are becoming really popular these days, there are those who tend to go for the old school tattoo look. Fergus Simms' tattoo work makes for some of the most solid and authentic looking traditional tattoos I've seen lately, and I'm stoked to share his work with you, tattoo heads!

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Solid and vibrant dragon head tattoo by Fergus Simms. #FergusSimms #MelbourneTattooCompany #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #dragon #dragonhead

Photos from Instagram, cover photo via Melbourne Tattoo Co's Website.

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