Funky and Folky Animal Tattoos by Jason Ochoa

Funky and Folky Animal Tattoos by Jason Ochoa

It's always a good idea to get an animal tattoo.

Animal tattoos have adorned the human body for centuries. Even the oldest tattooed bodies have been found to have images of animals on them. As fellow earthlings, it is always an awesome subject to get as tattoos. Animals are truly symbolic and so beautiful.

Nasty looking wolf head tattoo. Solid work by Jason Ochoa. #JasonOchoa #GreenPointTattooCo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #wolf #head

Jason Ochoa is a solid tattoo artist from Brooklyn, NYC. He works and does some really rad tattoos at Green Point Tattoo Co.

Jason Ochoa's tattoo style is his own take on the bold traditional tattoo style. His line work is so solid and thick that it has that really folky and strong look to it. Jason Ochoa's shading technique reflects truly clean execution. Also, the flat black parts look real solid and are filled in nicely. His colors are super vibrant and make the tattoo extra interesting, without working up the skin too much.

Bold and beautiful chest classic eagle tattoo done by Jason Ochoa. #JasonOchoa #GreenPointTattooCo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #eagle #baldeagle

Animals featured in Jason Ochoa's tattoo works are some of the favourites of traditional tattoo collectors. Some other animals featured in this this post are derived from pop culture elements. No matter what inspired the design of these animals, Jason Ochoa brilliantly translates them into beautiful tattoos. 

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Adorable little bulldog head tattoo done by Jason Ochoa. #JasonOchoa #GreenPointTattooCo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #bulldog #dog

All photos and tattoos from Jason Ochoa's Instagram.

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