Funky Folk: Old School Tattoos by Jacob N

Funky Folk: Old School Tattoos by Jacob N

The funk of the folk is what gives these awesome old school tattoos the so-called X-factor. That's why I love these tattoos by Jacob N!

Bold old school tattoos with mastered fundamental tattoo techniques- these tattoos done by Jacob N truly make for awesome collections!

As you all should have noticed already- I LOVE OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL. Though, not all tattoo artists can pull off this folky look. Buy, a number of tattooers I have discovered just simply nail it.

Among of these tattooers who have the funky folky look is Jacob N. His bold, solid, simple and powerful tattoo style has such a straightforward and no BS approach to tattooing. When you see his work from across the lot, you would definitely know what the image is. This is one trait that makes the style really appeal to collectors: it's easily readable. Not to mention- kick ass!

Jacob N executed his tattoos with an impressive wit- solid blacks to make the colors pop, and the funky folky look, as I mentioned. Now it's time to make the tattoos show off their lovable funky nature.

Enjoy these old school tattoos by Jacob N:

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