Funky Old School Hand Tattoos by Kalo Tattoos

Funky Old School Hand Tattoos by Kalo Tattoos

Kalo Tattoos kills it with his freaky hand tattoos!

These monstrous looking hand tattoos by Kalo Tattoos are so cool!

If you already know Kalo Tattoos then you'll know how good his traditional tattoos are. Classic designs done in a funky old school style are what Kalo does and he does them pretty damn good! Definitely on the more charismatic side of things Kalo's tattoos offer some sweet viewing but it's his awesome hand tattoos that catch your eye, and by hand tattoos I mean tattoos of hands! 

Combining a number of classic tattoo images and designs Kalo's hand tattoos look great and make a fine addition to any old school tattoo collection. Be sure to checkout more of Kalo's work on Instagram but for now take a look at these rad hand tattoos. 

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