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Furry Friends by Lawrence Edwards

Furry Friends by Lawrence Edwards

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This tattooists pointillist portraits of critters are uber adorable.

Lawrence Edwards makes very endearing pointillist black tattoos, and while we love all of his work, his illustrations of critters are the one closest to our hearts. Each one of his animals, even if they are the predatory sort, have a cheerful and inviting look to them. 

What makes Edward's style so charming is its softness. Because he works solely with fine lines and varying degrees of stippling, each portrait, whether of a cute bunny or rascally raccoon, has an airy lightness to it, giving it a whimsical or almost dainty appearance. Essentially, his highly controlled use of negative space is what makes his work so lighthearted and attractive. The way he creates silhouetted images of the sun and moon by surrounding them with a multitude of dots is a great example how impressive this technique can be. 

While most artists draw out their creatures' raw fierceness, Edward's highlights their more peaceful qualities. There's something so majestic about the way his illustrates their thick fur in with hundreds of tiny fine lines. Also, all of his depictions of these lumbering members of the family Ursidae are rendered in their natural environments with trees, mountains, and more, making them more ecological as well as lovely in their scope.

A happy looking pup by Lawrence Edwards (IG—feraleyes). #animals #blacktattoo #dog #lawrenceedwards #pointillism

If you'd like to appreciate the natural beauty of more of Edward's illustrations of animals, make sure to hike up to his Instagram. He will soon be tattooing out of Lake Tahoe, Nevada for the winter season and can be reached via email at for booking.

Ross Howerton
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