Gawking at Bad Tattoos is SuckyTattoos' Life Calling

Gawking at Bad Tattoos is SuckyTattoos' Life Calling

If you're a fan of people making huge mistakes with their body art, you're going to love this dude. And pray that he doesn't post your work.

Anyone who is a fan of tattoos, and life in general, finds a horrendous tattoo hilarious. It's just a fact of life. You can appreciate a bad tattoo just as much as you can appreciate an exquisite piece of body art.

One guy, who goes by the Instagram handle "SuckyTattoos," has been curating all of the worst of the worst to bring us joy, and allow us to participate in that lovely human activity known as schadenfreude. We can all laugh at these unfortunate tattoos knowing that they are real and someone is actually walking around the world with them.

SuckyTattoos states in his Instagram bio that he means, "No offense to any artist/client featured on this page." So you can laugh it up, guilt-free. It's all in good fun, and trust me, it's a ton of fun.

SuckyTattoos, who is reluctant to reveal his true name, gave us a peek inside the mind behind this hilarious Instagram account.

Oof, who is that even supposed to be? (via IG - SuckyTattoos) #SuckyTattoos #BadTattoos

Tattoodo: Was there a particular tattoo that was the catalyst for the creation of suckytattoos?

SuckyTattoos: I don’t think there was a particular tattoo that started it all, but there's just something about someone's permanent mistake that cracks me up. Not in a cynical kind of way but like when someone falls down the stairs.

Do you have any experience as a tattoo artist? 

Downtime at the shop is when @suckytattoos was created.

Can you name a great tattoo artist that you believe would never do a sucky tattoo? 

I don’t think there are any tattoo artists that can say they haven’t made a mistake at least once in their career.

The loneliest tattoo. (via IG - SuckyTattoos) #SuckyTattoos #BadTattoos

Do you have any sucky tattoos?
Hell yeah, but I love them all.

Do you think some people get intentionally sucky tattoos for a funny story?
All the time, there's a sucker born every day.

What, in your opinion, is the recipe for a sucky tattoo? Is it placement? Design? Meaning behind the tattoo?

Sometimes it's putting trust in the wrong hands and it just happens. Spelling is hard.

Of all the tattoos you've curated on suckytattoos, is there one in particular that stands out as the suckiest?

I’d have to say its the one where Paris Jackson commented “I’m laughing so hard right now” on a portrait tattoo of her father which was captioned “He touched so many..." Sorry, Paris.

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SuckyTattoo's pick for the suckiest tattoo he's ever posted. (via IG - SuckyTattoos) #SuckyTattoos #BadTattoos

Is there a person in the public eye that you think has the suckiest tattoos?
There are a ton of celebrities with questionable tattoos. Personally, I love Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream “Brrr" tattoo.

What was the suckiest tattoo of 2016?

Oh man, do I have to pick just one? Here are my choices...

Woof, those are rough. If you want to cackle at some highly questionable tattooing decisions, you absolutely must follow SuckyTattoos on Instagram. It's a hilarious account that will surely bring joy into your life.

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