Geometric Half-Sleeves by Lewis Ink

Geometric Half-Sleeves by Lewis Ink

Lewis Ink's work is a thing of mathematical beauty.

A lot of people claim that they "hate math." It's probably the best way to signify that a person is an absolute idiot. If you "hate math," then you probably hate most of today's modern advancements in technology. "Hating math" means you hate television, the internet, computers, space travel and exploration, and so on and so forth.

Plus, if you "hate math," you probably would "hate" these awesome geometric tattoos by Lewis Ink. But guess what, you don't "hate math." You're just too stupid to comprehend it. 

So instead of saying dumb things like, "I hate math," why don't you just sit back and enjoy these awesome-looking tattoos that are brought to us via math. 

Lewis Ink is a tattoo artist in Paris who utilizes computer programs to design these complex drafts that he tattoos on people. They are beautiful in their symmetry and mathematical glory.

See, you don't "hate math." Math can be beautiful and delivers us some of the coolest tattoos you'll ever see.

In summation, you don't "hate math." Math is our friend. Math brings us great beauty and technology. Math is the lifeblood of society.

You hate doing math. That's more like it.

Check out Lewis Ink on Instagram.

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